Every case, claim, and complaint has to start somewhere

Let us provide your next case with the Foundation for success!


No matter what kind of case you have we are here to help. We offer expertise for premises liability, Accident Reconstruction, Product Defect Investigations, Parking lot layout issues, Slips/Trips/Missteps and so much more.

Before You File

We offer fixed rate, preliminary investigation, services to help you gather the foundational facts of your case before you have to make any decisions about filing.

Litigation Support Services

Have a case already in litigation? Our expert engineers and analysts are ready to help flush out all the important details that make your case unique.

Expert Witness Testimony

Professional Experts, qualified in state and federal courts, bring the facts of your case to life for juries.

We are here to help every step of the way

Excellent service, transparent pricing, and no surprises. With a variety of fixed cost services and fairly priced hourly rates available, you'll never wonder how much your expert or their investigation will cost you again.

We are Foundation Forensics. Our staff of Engineers and Analysts are here to give your case a foundation for success!


Have questions about how we can help you? Get in touch and we will get back to you.

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