Our Stragety

Preliminary Investigations

Many cases can be concluded quickly but aren't because the parties don't have all the facts. Our first priority with your case then is to get you as much information as we can as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Standard on all cases we pull public records, inspect/test locations, retrieve data, assess code/regulatory compliance, and more as necessary so that you know everything before you file.

Settling is the Goal

Have you ever walked out of a mediation thinking "I could have settled this cases today if only I could have shown them this..." ?

Reaching the right settlement requires finding the right balance of information and presentation. We provide reports, testing, high quality models/animations, and testimony designed with the goal of reaching your ideal settlement in mind.

Proven Court Qualified Engineering Experts

Despite most cases settling, trials are a reality. It's important then to ensure that your experts know how to present themselves and their findings for judges and juries to understand.

Our engineers have been tested in the courtroom and always prepared for the opposing questions. Our testimony has been instrumental in recieving seven and eight figure verdicts for our clients.

Our history

Foundation Forensics was founded in 2020 in Southern California by David Teetz and Jason Evanko with a simple goal in mind, to provide high quality work at fractions of the cost. After servicing the Southern California Region for nearly two years we have now recently opened an office in Deleware, servicing the Tri-State region and continue to grow!

TEAM members

David J. Teetz, PE
Jason Evanko
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David J. Teetz, PE
Jason Evanko

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