Vehicle Accident Reconstruction

On average, there are over 6 million vehicle collisions per year in the United States. The IIHS reports that, as a result, over 38,000 people lose their lives in these unintentional collisions and hundreds of thousands are injured.

What is Accident Reconstruction?

Accident Reconstruction is a broad field dedicated to analysis of the various factors that lead to vehicle collisions. Accident Reconstruction can cover mechanical issues, impact dynamics, human factors such as perception-response time, visibility, and hazard identification, mechanisms for injury, and determination of fault for a collision.

Crash Data Recordings

Since the 1990’s, vehicles have been incorporating more and more advanced safety systems through the use of computer monitoring. These days, virtually every vehicle made and sold in the United states uses a crash data recording module. These modules typically provide information about speed, brake and accelerator pedal usage, and steering information for at least 5 seconds prior to the collision. The classic 'He said, She said' situation can often be eliminated entirely with this pre-crash data. On top of this, the data about the severity, duration, and directionality of the collision are also recorded. Getting the data out of your crashed vehicle is the most important first step to properly reconstructing a collision since it provides accurate and court admissible information for your case.

Advanced Computer Simulations

Computer software systems like PC crash and Virtual Crash can simulate and model extremely complex collisions ensuring that no detail is overlooked. Often then software can be used to optimize and find most likely scenarios given known evidence and initial conditions. Additionally, modern crash reconstruction software can be used to develop high quality animations which help jurors visualize how collisions occur and can even highlight how individual factors may affect the outcome of a collision.

Bicycles, Scooters, and Other Personal Transport Devices

Bicycle, scooters, and other small transport methods are coming into conflict with vehicles more and more and more frequently. Many cities throughout the country are attempting to create more bicycle friendly infrastructure. Unfortunately, this typically occurs by creating space in the roadway where private and commercial motor vehicles. Collisions between the two groups are inevitable and particularly devestating to those not in traditional vehicles.

Since bicycles are not simply smaller passengers cars, understanding how to properly investigate, analyze, and reconstruct these incidents is critical.

Pedal Misapplications and Storefront Crash Incidents

A growing concern in the accident reconstruction community is the trend of vehicle collisions with unguarded pedestrian areas. Storefronts, pedestrian walkways, farmers markets, and poorly designed parking lots often allow for the possibility of a rogue vehicle 

These types of collisions are widely called ‘pedal misapplication’ incidents. Despite first impressions, pedal misapplications occur with alarming frequency. The storefront safety council has collected and independently verified data for the since the early 2000’s and has concluded that such incidents occur over 100 times each day in the united states alone.

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