Trials, Mediations, Arbitrations, and Expert Witness Testimony

From in person testimony appearances to trial strategy consulting, there are several ways that our expert services can be used.

Setting the right Foundation

Every case is unique and as a result your approach must be flexible. You deserve the confidence to know that your experts will capture all the information, respond quickly, bill fairly, and always give you the facts. Our name is Foundation Forensics because we believe that providing you the best expert services will create a rock-solid foundation for you to build the strongest case you can for your clients. As a result, all of our services come back to this core principle.

Clear Expert Testimony

The most important thing to us is the clear and understandable presentation of your case to the mediators, judges, and juries. We pride ourselves on providing clear, accurate, no non-sense testimony to help you make the best case you can every time you work with us.

Site and Vehicle Inspections

There's often only one chance to retrieve evidence before it's altered, unavailable, or lost altogether. We look into all the possible factors before your inspection so that no stone is left unturned. Whether it is a floor that needs slip testing, a vehicle that needs crash data retrieved, or anything in between our engineers and analysts specialize in the documentation and preservation of evidence and conditions.

Animations and Simulations

Often expert opinions can sound like a lecture on math or physics and bore or confuse juries. We supplement our opinions with high quality diagrams and animations so that mediators, judges, and juries can see and better understand our findings.

Confidence in your Case

At Foundation Forensics we provide an initial no obligation consultation so that you know exactly how we can assist you before you retain us. Additionally, if we can't help you because your case isn't within our fields of expertise, we will happily refer you to the experts who can.

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